Coding, coding, drawing, more coding

It’s now been about a month since I wrote my very very first line of code, and I’d like to think I’ve come a long way and achieved a lot, considering how difficult and time consuming coding can be…

I’d like to share what I’ve accomplished so far by means of coding, and the software I’ve used to achieve this…
Firstly, I’ve started gamemaker studio, which is nice and intuitive, and I feel it’s important to start making games as soon as possible, and since c++ is so complex to generate a game, so I picked up something a little easier to to get some results, and it’s good! It’s promising! I’ve made my first game, asteroids!

It took me about 6 hours, and some pretty neat features, most of which came from a tutorial series I found, to help me get to grips with gamemaker. 

Secondly, visual studio, for learning c++. Far and the way the most important for programming, but also probably the hardest. I’ve spent probably around 25 hours so far on c++, I’d like for it to have been more, but with work an the other aspects of design I’m trying to learn, it’s proving difficult! 

Alas I’m proud to say I have now drawn a circle, which seems so convoluted, but awesomely satisfying..

The next step is start building a platformer on game maker , and also start looking into more complicated code in c++, classes and the like…
A long way to go but still feeling very upbeat and determined! 


Author: kanebrady1994

22 year old aspiring game designer from the UK, currently living in New Zealand

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