BigBadBallGame Pt. 1

It’s been a long time since I last made a post on here, and it’s not because i’ve forgotten about all of this. Work got pretty hectic, but as I’m flying back to the UK pretty soon, I handed in my notice a little early, giving me time to get going on my bitchin’ game that’s going to make me famous.

For the past few weeks when i haven’t been able to do much game design stuff, my minds been crammed with ideas to put into code, except i’m pretty shit at coding, so now that i’ve got time to do the work, I struggle to make any of it a reality.

BUT, having said that, i’ve been here before… I used to want to draw things that my hands simply couldn’t do, but practice makes perfect, ‘so just keep coding’ I tell myself, and i’m sure i’ll get there.

I’m pretty confident that everything I want to get done I can get done, it’s just a matter of patience, time, and shit tonnes of googling.

So a bit about the game i’m dreaming up:

I’ve always wanted to make games that are super fast paced and super competitive, but we’re really simple at their core. So I thought, what’s the most simple game available? Pong! Handling balls with paddles, what more could we possibly want?

I’m sure it’s been done to death, remaking pong, but i’m hoping to add my own varieties to make it uber competitive and attract 12 year old salty kids who tell me they fucked my mum/dad/family pet/girlfriend/boyfriend/me, every gamer’s dream!

I’ve been working on it for only a few days so far, and there’s not too much to show yet, just a screenshot of various shitty shapes in different shitty colours, its the basics of pong, but there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes, and a whole lot more to come soon.


Look how fucking bad that looks! incredible!


Author: kanebrady1994

22 year old aspiring game designer from the UK, currently living in New Zealand

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